Self-publishing reads

Get some help and learning from the folks who track with the latest in self-publishing news about people, tools, and technologies. How much time is enough to stay current? You need to be selective. I follow these experts:

  • Mark Dawson: The Self Publishing Formula and Self Publishing Show podcast. Lawyer turned best-seller author, Mark and his partner and former BBC producer James Blatch produce a best-in-class podcast worth a weekly hour. 
  • Joanna Penn is, fair to say, the fount of everything worth knowing about self-publishing with her books, courses, Kickstarters, and podcast.
  • The Independent Book Publishers Association: professional association for self-publishers and small presses. A great community for engaging with publishing peers.
  • Jane Friedman: author, speaker, teacher, and professional publishing veteran Jane has long reported on the publishing industry via her newsletters and courses. A quality read/listen from an insider.  



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