Touchwood Press is a independent book publisher working with independent and contracted authors. We publish books under the Touchwood Press imprint and under an author’s own name.  We have 30+ years’ experience using print, print-on-demand, audio, and digital media to publish both fiction and nonfiction works for authors, businesses, and organizations. We help authors get published and organizations transform intellectual property into revenue streams.

Look to us for coaching, strategy, editing, production, and marketing services to fit your situation.

Today, it’s relatively inexpensive and easy to see your content in print and available to a global audience. But where to begin? How does a writer become a successful author and publisher, whether you measure success in a self-published work for family and friends or in international sales and book awards?

Contact us here to explore whether Touchwood Press services can help with your book idea.

  • Abella’s Diplomat published.
  • LaCost: The Evolution of Jason published.
  • Canal Chronicles published.
  • MountainVision: Lessons Beyond the Summit published by Touchwood Press.
  • Publishing Services coaching announced.
  • The Divine Storyteller published by Touchwood Press.
  • Touchwood Press launches the Publish It Yourself Workshop.
  • Self-Publish Your Family History course launched.
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