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Lists like this (at least the good ones) are really helpful for internalizing the key principles about some new technology or process or behavior. This one is very good, although its emphasis on data-driven marketing has me thinking that while I accept that the information age we live in has given us an unprecented power to make data-based decisions, I just get bored at the thought. Anyway, glean what works from this great list via The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Digital Publishing | Joomag Blog.

How do I find a niche market to write for?

What’s hot in the publishing marketplace?

Try the Writer’s Digest website for starters. This is the successor to the decades-old publication which helped budding writer find agents, publishers, and marketing.

Should I publish my blog before or after I publish my book?

Publishing a blog any time can work to your benefit. If you create your blog as you’re writing the book, you have an online notebook where you can try out and refine content. Blog posts can be held as drafts indefinitely, so you don’t need to publish them until you’re ready. When you do, you can promote them in a variety of ways and generate comments that may help you think about possible improvements.

After your book is published, your blog is a great promotional tool and a way to interact with readers.

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