The Divine Storyteller

Available as a paperback or e-book on Amazon.

For fans worldwide of author Nevil Shute, The Divine Storyteller offers a new viewpoint on the novelist’s life during the years 1944 to 1955 and the ideas that shaped his widely popular books. Written as a series of imagined, present-tense conversations between Nevil Shute Norway and his friends and associates, The Divine Storyteller puts you in the same room, yacht, automobile, or airplane as the author and his companions. Shute’s approaches to theme, plot and character development are portrayed against the backdrop of his active life as a war correspondent, a pilot adventurer, and an Australian immigrant after World War II. Written with the greatest admiration for Shute, The Divine Storyteller is a must for long-time devotees or quick introduction to the sources of the author’s work and thought. Shute helped a generation process the changing face of English society before and after World War II and the post-war specter of the nuclear threat in his novel On the Beach. The Divine Storyteller is a fast read written with gratitude and respect for the man and his contributions to popular 20th century literature globally. It will entertain and enlighten a new generation to Shute’s body of work.

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