Touchwood Cards

Send a Friend a Card

Send a Friend a Card™ sums up the way we feel about the tremendous value of the Send Out Cards system. In this age of social media, Send a Friend a Card lets you appreciate your friends in a way that’s the next best thing to being there in person. Your card or gift arriving in the mail will brighten any day and recall sweet memories. Use Send a Friend a Card to help create an “I Remember” habit on birthdays, holidays, special occasions—anytime! Be a better friend with “Send a Friend a Card.”

Send a Customer a Card

If the customer experience is everything these days, there’s never been a better time to send a customer a card. This may be printed and mailed or an e-card that just shows up to the surprise and delight of the recipient. Send one card or a series of cards to mark milestones in the customer journey. Send a gift for a special occasion. What could be more satisfying or cost-effective than to send a customer a card and level up your sales process.

Touchwood Cards exists for two reasons:

  1. To help independent artists around the globe gain new appreciation for their creativity and humanity.
  2. To encourage the practice of sending personal greeting cards as an outlet for love and caring.

Touchwood Cards hopes to encourage a new community of artists across the world who will share a desire to touch others with a moment of beauty and a personal greeting. We invite you to help build the Touchwood Cards community and bless someone with your own special word for them.

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