The Self-Publisher’s Tool Kit

Every self-publisher needs a reliable tool kit to help with the routine tasks for writing, editing, organizing, marketing, and production tasks. New tools and new versions of old tools appear continuously from tech firms, service providers, and associations, so you have to keep up.

Here are our recommendations:

Microsoft Word® is your best choice, regardless of the computer you use, for wordprocessing. It is the Swiss army knife of writing, styling, and formatting your book. However, there are additional tools that are specialized for certain tasks.

Scrivener: a highly regarded organization and production tool for book authors. Helps aggregate, organize, and use research notes and assets for nonfiction titles; character and setting profiles for novels; and is a fully functioning wordprocessor.

Vellum: Popular with indie authors for book formatting, saving many hours of detail work in Word or doing hard-wire coding.

Atticus: An up and coming alternative to Vellum or other formatting tool. Includes word processing and may be all you need for some simpler publishing projects.

Dropbox: a hard drive in the Cloud with great collaborative powers. Dropbox is comparable to iCloud, OneDrive, and GoogleDrive, but independent.

Evernote: a desktop or cloud-based notebook management system to capture snippets from the web, your note taking bits, and just about anything else. Like having one huge spiral binder with tagging, searchability, and media librbaries rolled into one. I almost never use paper since getting Evernote.

WordPress: the world’s leading web page publishing system for blogs, e-commerce sites, author pages, and so much more.

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