The Publish-It-Yourself Workshop

These Publish-It-Yourself Workshop students brought their writings and their vision to the class. Six weeks later, they were ready to publish. The next Publish-It-Yourself Workshop starts in September 2017 at Harper College Continuing Education in Palatine, Illinois.

The Publish It Yourself Workshop…was a wonderful experience. Instructor Michael McCandless combined his passion for books and his direct knowledge of the self-publishing industry into an engaging classroom experience. I learned the step-by-step process of publishing my book, but also gained a sense of purpose as I tackled my project. — Chuck Snoad, Sharp Left Turns
As a result of taking the Publish-It-Yourself class, my first book is now available on Amazon, in both print and e-book versions….It was obvious that you brought a lot of knowledge and experience to your class, and I want to thank you for providing an informative class and for all the encouragement you gave everyone. — Bob Urman, Till Death Do Us Part
The Harper College Publish It Yourself Workshop far exceeded my expectations….I wanted to learn how to self-publish, print, price, market and distribute a book….Our instructor, Mike McCandless, provided extensive private coaching and greatly accelerated the whole project. I am now working on my second business management book. — Walter J. McDonald, Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance

Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Publishing

Resources for Self-Publishers

Self-publishing pundits we follow

  • –  does a great job of tracking and reporting on industry stats and trends
  • Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer – book design and common sense helps
  • Jane Friedman at – expert advice and services
  • David Gaughran at – His Let’s Get Digital is an intelligent and entertaining read about self-publishing.
  • Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn – books, podcasts, videos, conference

Books (the best of the lot, in our view)

Birds-of-a-Feather Groups

There are many such groups in the cloud and on LinkedIn. Apply your personal litmus test to a group. Are they your kind of folks? Is what they talk about of real interest or just self-promotion? Make new friends and colleagues; get clued up on the latest and the fading trends. Reply to questions and pose your own to get traction and visibility. May come in handy. And here’s a TwP post on groups.





A Self-Publisher’s Tool Kit

  • Dropbox: a hard drive in the Cloud with great collaborative powers. Dropbox is comparable to iCloud, OneDrive, and GoogleDrive, but independent.
  • Evernote: a cloud-based notebook and content aggregation system. Comparable to OneNote, etc.
  • bite-sized courses on self-publishing, productivity tools and business subjects. Now part of LinkedIn.
  • Scrivener: a highly regarded organization and production tool for book authors.
  • WordPress: the world’s leading blogging platform and home to lots of self-publishers.