Learn to Publish-It-Yourself!

Publish-It-Yourself! started as an adult ed class where aspiring authors came to learn how to get a book published. Now, the live class is a book and an online course for aspiring self-publishers everywhere. Coaching and publishing services are available to solve the stickier issues or get you published that much faster. Sign up for notification that the workbook is available!

The Publish-It-Yourself Workshop…was a wonderful experience. Our instructor combined his passion for books and his direct knowledge of the self-publishing industry into an engaging classroom experience. I learned the step-by-step process of publishing my book, but also gained a sense of purpose as I tackled my project. — Chuck Snoad, author of Sharp Left Turns
As a result of taking the Publish-It-Yourself class, my first book is now available on Amazon, in both print and e-book versions….It was obvious that our leader brought a lot of knowledge and experience to the class, and I want to thank him for providing an informative class and for all the encouragement he gave everyone. — Bob Urman, author of Till Death Do Us Part
The Publish-It-Yourself Workshop far exceeded my expectations….I wanted to learn how to self-publish, print, price, market and distribute a book….Our instructor provided extensive private coaching and greatly accelerated the whole project. I am now working on my second business management book. — Walter J. McDonald, author of Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance

Publishers generally do two things: production and marketing to transform writings into tangible, accessible books, often in a variety of formats, versions, and editions. As a self-publisher, you take charge of production and marketing to make quality products and get them into the hands of happy readers.

Touchwood Press Publishing Services can partner with you to do the editing, production, and marketing tasks for you as publisher. Learn about our services here:

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