Book Marketing

How you promote your book depends on your strategic and personal goals. Are you more interested in fame or fortune or both? Do you hope to distribute millions, thousands, or just a few dozen copies for family and friends? Touchwood will help formulate and implement your strategies and goals based on how you will spell “success” for each project.

Even though every book has its own natural audience, it will take some planning and effective execution to get your book in front of the people most likely to want it. Always ask these questions:

  1. What’s the essence of this book? What does it say?
  2. Who wants to hear the book’s message or get the information it comprises?
  3. How will I measure success for this book? Readers? Awards? Royalties?

Have an honest talk with yourself about the answers to these questions, and then contact us to talk about how to get from here to there, wherever that is.

Book marketing means exposures, reviews, and reader satisfaction. You’ll get exposes from advertising and from getting people talking about your book. Reviews can be good or bad, but even bad reviews are better than no reviews. Reader satisfaction comes from a well-designed book, giving readers what they came looking for, and maybe even offering them a sequel. But effective marketing starts with a vision and a plan.

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