Book Editing and Production

Every book needs editing, and this should always include a review by a professional editor. Touchwood Press editing guarantees you a more readable, more salable book, free of errors and other barriers to clarity.


  • Content editing—We conform your manuscript to professional standards for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, removing needless words and phrases and organizing sentences, paragraphs and chapters for effectiveness. Don’t even consider self-publishing without having a qualified someone do a through copy-edit of your book. Spell-check just won’t cut it.
  • Developmental editing—Helping with writing and publishing strategies; contributing to story and character development; and guiding you toward manuscript completion, an effective developmental editor can be critical in getting your project on track and out the door. Many classic masterpieces would have failed but for the contributions of their editors.

We generally charge by the word for these services. Ask us for an estimate.


You can and should be able to tell a book by its cover, but what’s between the covers needs to look just as professional and well-designed. No matter how many books you’ve read, it’s likely that you aren’t fully conscious of how the design of the text as well as the cover enhances the reading experience. At Touchwood, we work to create classically sound book designs using tools that will let us publish and distribute our books for any medium or channel.

Production Management

Touchwood Press specializes in publishing paperbacks, e-books, and audio books using Amazon production services. But we can also prepare and publish your book for any of the established platforms to open up more channels and audiences. We will set up and manage accounts with each vendor and guide your project through the various steps involved in converting a manuscript to a book, such as:

  • Formatting your manuscript for any target platform: paperback, e-book, audio book, etc.
  • Determining optimal trim size and paper stock.
  • Securing ISBNs.
  • Setting prices that meet your economic goals.
  • Developing book descriptions, key words, author bios, and categorization to maximize sales.
  • Developing cover designs and preparing production files for covers.
  • Uploading, correcting, and proofing print files.
  • Producing your audio book, including securing voice over talent.
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