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Touchwood Press publishes books that fit with the preferences of narrow niche markets or wide global audiences.

Published by Touchwood Press

By William McCandless — Bill (1930-2021) was a retired businessman exercising his artistic impulses in writing, oil painting, wood carving, and in historical re-enacting at the I&M Canal National Heritage Area in LaSalle, Illinois.

Canal Chronicles

Stories and yarns from the days of building the Illinois & Michigan Canal, 1837-1848.

The Divine Storyteller

For fans of legendary author Nevil Shute (A Town Like Alice, On the Beach), a collection of fictional meetings and conversations with the man himself.

By Patrick Rizio — Pat is a Publish-It-Yourself Workshop alum with a great idea for a series of sci-fi novels.

LaCost: The Evolution of Jason

What is the potential of the human mind? Join Dr. Jason Patrick LaCost and his team as they apply their extrasensory gifts and humanist passion to solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

By Colonel (USAF Ret) T.R. Kissel — Ted Kissel took the Publish-It-Yourself Workshop course to get ready to write a spy-novel thriller based on his experience as a wartime jet pilot and military attaché.

Abella’s Diplomat 

It’s the mid-90s in the Middle East. Colonel and military attaché Mitch Ross joins forces with the mysterious Abella to bring down the bad guys and rescue an American pilot.

By Jeff B. Evans — Jeff is a world-class mountaineer, television personality, and humanitarian with more than 13 Mt. Everest summits and volunteer emergency medicine missions in Iraq and Tibet. This is his exciting first memoir.

MountainVision: Lessons Beyond the Summit

The memoir of a true adventurer, mountain climber, and humanitarian.

Self-Published titles by students of the 
Publish-It-Yourself Workshop

Walter McDonald

Walt has published his six-volume Master’s Program in Dealer Management based on the seminar series he presented across North America, Europe and the Far East over the past 30 years. 

Charles B. Snoad  

Developed from his existing blog, Chuck’s series of poetry books beginning with The Intimacy of Communication (2016) are a form of creative therapy. He finds hope in writing about small victories and big ideas.

Robert Urman

Bob is a retired electrical engineer and inventor who wrote the memoir Till Death Do Us Part (2016) over a nine-month period as his wife of 40 years fought lung cancer.

Publishing Partnerships

Touchwood partners with companies and nonprofits to transform their intellectual property assets into publications and new revenue streams.

Micro Focus Publishing

Silicon Valley enterprise software pioneer Micro Focus developed software-book bundles for computer science students and technical how-to guides for IT professionals.

  • Personal COBOL for Windows
  • Source Code Management
  • Object Orientation for COBOL Programmers

Military Ministry Press

The military outreach arm of international nonprofit Cru Military published books and training materials for service members and their families as well as counselors and chaplains.

  • When War Comes Home: Christ-Centered Healing for Wives of Combat Veterans
  • The Combat Trauma Healing Manual: Christ-Centered Solutions for Combat Trauma
  • Prayers for our Nation’s Defenders
  • Care & Counsel for Combat Trauma
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