Laughing at the Sun

The Story of a Man Who Changed His Spots

Authored by Michael Nejman

Nominated for TWO 2016 IPPY Awards! (Independent Publishing),LATS-cover_cover Laughing at the Sun: The Story of a Man Who Changed his Spots is a memoir about a straight man, his gay friend and the bumpy road to self-enlightenment. Chicago artist Bob Fisher convinces his best friend Michael to travel across America in a rental truck filled with his artwork in the spring of 1997. In their rolling confessional, Bob takes on the role of pseudo-therapist, as Michael tries to figure out how to face his own relationship fears and commit to disproving the old adage that “a leopard can’t change his spots.” Can two men – one a divorced, neurotic, former altar boy and the other an eccentric, bohemian, Jewish artist – road-trip across the country without driving each other crazy? Think Sideways meets My Dinner with Andre, and a road trip that both challenges and solidifies a friendship!

Author Michael Nejman attended the Touchwood Press Publish-It-Yourself Workshop in 2015 and came back for some last-minute consulting before publishing Laughing at the Sun in September 2015.

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