LaCost: The Evolution of Jason


by Patrick Rizio

A science fiction adventure novel introducing a super-smart, super-tough team you’ll want to follow!

Early Reviews


This author has brought me into the action in real time, feeling the suspense as it occurs.

Outstanding book! Phenomenal character development…..

I am a Boeing 737 Captain for a major airline and spend a lot of time in hotels. Obviously, I’m ALWAYS looking for a great read….so, LaCost intrigued me. I am not disappointed! This author has brought me into the action in real time, feeling the suspense as it occurs. The character development has been phenomenal. The only problem is – I never know where a good stopping point is. I’m not finished yet….and when I am, I’ll be looking forward to the author’s next book!

LaCost Impresses.

I was thoroughly impressed by Lacost: The Evolution of Jason from start to finish. The characters are very intriguing and bring the book to life. The pace was very fast and yet it was lighthearted to the point where you find yourself smiling throughout the book. I look forward to future works by Patrick Rizio.

Fast-paced and very interesting premise.

I loved the character development; I felt like the main characters were my friends, and I really cared what happened to them. This was a fast-paced, page-turning book. It kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting more. The author’s premise is very intriguing. I can’t wait for his next book.

Five Stars

If you want a read that holds your attention and broadens your horizons, this book is for you.

The Book

What is the ultimate potential of the human mind? Jason Patrick LaCost is gifted with a genius IQ, the ability to feel what other people are thinking, and a passion for solving some of the planet’s biggest problems. As head of research for one of the Midwest’s largest biotech companies, Jason makes discoveries that have the potential to revolutionize agriculture but pose a major threat to the corporations that control and, some would say, corrupt the planet’s food chain.

Things get ugly when a corporate shark wants to steal LaCost’s discoveries. Fortunately, his boss, has his back and calls on an old friend and security specialist for help. An ex-Navy Seal and black-ops agent, he enlists a reformed North Korean assassin with a heart of gold as extra muscle.

But the story isn’t just about tough guys. LaCost falls for Alison Russo and together they take orphaned, seven-year-old Sarah into their care. Sarah becomes the real star of the show as it becomes more and more clear that she is an evolved human whose intellect is way off anyone’s charts. Sarah points the way to a new and exciting future for the species. As Sarah grows up, so do her amazing abilities. To some, she is an angel from God; to others, she’s their worst nightmare.

LaCost’s continuing research leads to bigger and more important discoveries but also to more dangerous corporate bad guys who threaten his work, his family, and his life. LaCost and his super family and friends band together to fight off the threats, becoming a powerful team in the process and paving the way for further adventures.

About the Author

pat_rizioIn his twenties, Patrick Rizio was on the road playing drums with several different bands. He started with rock and progressed into jazz. He worked for years as a journeyman cement mason, Local 502 business agent, and as a field representative for the Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons International Union. He loves travel, dogs, music, and tennis.

After growing up reading authors like Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov, he now includes Brian Green, Michio Kaku, and Bill Nye among his favorites. Suffering from a lifelong addiction to science fiction and science books, he is a self-admitted science nerd. He feels strongly that science is not only humanity’s clearest path to a better future, but that it is inherently tied to our evolution as a species. LaCost: The Evolution of Jason is his first novel.

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