Touchwood Press publishes books we believe are well-written and interesting for a diverse audience. We’re proud of our authors and work to create success for our partnerships.

Published by Touchwood Press

William McCandless — Bill is a retired businessman exercising his artistic impulses in oil painting, wood carving, historical re-enacting, and writing.

Patrick Rizio — Pat is a Publish-It-Yourself Workshop alum with a great idea for a series of sci-fi novels.

Colonel (USAF Ret) T.R. Kissel — Ted Kissel took the Publish-It-Yourself Workshop course to get ready to write a spy-novel thriller based on his experience as a wartime jet pilot and military attaché.

Jeff B. Evans — Jeff is a world-class mountaineer and television personality with more than 13 Mt. Everest summits and volunteer emergency medicine missions in Iraq and Tibet. This is his exciting first memoir.

Self-Published titles by students of the 
Publish-It-Yourself Workshop

Walter McDonald — Walter J. McDonald’s six-volume “Master’s Program in Dealer Management” is based on his dealer management seminar series presented throughout North America, Europe and the Far East. 

Charles B. Snoad — Chuck uses writing as a form of therapy to cope with trauma, depression, and anxiety. He finds hope in small victories and joy in big ideas. 

Robert Urman — Bob is a retired Electrical Engineer and inventor who wrote this memoir over a nine-month period when his wife of 40 years was fighting lung cancer.

Published in Partnership with Touchwood Services

Military Ministry Press

  • When War Comes Home
  • The Combat Trauma Healing Manual
  • Prayers for our Nation’s Defenders

Micro Focus Publishing

  • Personal COBOL for Windows
  • Source Code Management
  • Object Orientation for COBOL Programmers
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