Touchwood Press publishes books we think are well-written and interesting—for a diverse audience. We’re very proud of our authors and work to create success for our partnerships.

Published by Touchwood Press

Canal Chronicles
The Divine Storyteller
LaCost: The Evolution of Jason
MountainVision: Lessons Beyond the Summit

Coming in 2017!

  • 100 Things You Oughta Know
  • Annie and Bill: A Tale of Two Immigrants
  • LaCost: Collaboration
  • The Little Green Marketing Book

Published in Partnership with Touchwood Services

Military Ministry Press

  • When War Comes Home
  • The Combat Trauma Healing Manual
  • Prayers for our Nation’s Defenders

Micro Focus Publishing

  • Personal COBOL for Windows

Self-Published titles by students of the Touchwood
Publish-It-Yourself Workshop

Achieving Excellence in Dealer/Distributor Performance by Walter McDonald

Laughing at the Sun by Michael Mejman

Sharp Left Turns by Charles Snoad

Till Death Do Us Part by Bob Urman