Production Services

If you were building a house, you might need a general contractor. This compares to what a publisher does for an author. Corporate or traditional publishing is a team sport, sort of like building a house or making a film. It is absolutely possible for a writer to self-publish—performing all the tasks involved in bookmaking herself. But many authors and other creatives today are partnering with teams like Touchwood Press to help with the details.


Every book needs editing, and this should always include a review by a professional editor. Touchwood Press editing will provide you with a more readable—a more sellable—book, free of errors and other barriers to clarity.

Copy Editing

Touchwood Press will conform your manuscript to professional standards for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, removing needless words and phrases and organizing sentences, paragraphs and chapters for effectiveness. Don’t even consider self-publishing without having a qualified someone do a thorough copy-edit of your book. Spell-check just won’t cut it.

Developmental Editing

Writing, publishing, and marketing strategies. Contributing to story and character development. Guidance and encouragement toward project completion—these are the tasks of an effective developmental editor in a traditional publisher.

Does your book lend itself to a series? An audio version. Should you have an author website? An author page on Amazon or Goodreads?

Many classic masterpieces might have failed but for the contributions of their editors. We charge competitive rates and only for the editing services you need. Ask us for an estimate.


You can tell a book by its cover. The more artful and appropriate the cover design, the more copies of the book will be sold. The text between the covers needs to look just as professional and well-designed. At Touchwood, we can partner with you to create powerful book and cover designs to attract and satisfy book readers everywhere.


Books are much more complex than most readers realize, with many parts that all need to be carefully produced so readers can focus undistracted on the story. All these details can be mastered by the self-publisher, but partnering with Touchwood Press will help you develop your book, e-book, audio book, or NFT to the standards of the industry and the global marketplace.

Production services may include:

  • Formatting your manuscript for any target platform: paperback, e-book, audio book, etc.
  • Determining optimal trim size and paper stock, fonts, margins, headers and footers. Footnotes, acknowledgments, biographies, and blurbs.
  • Securing ISBNs and Library of Congress numbers.
  • Protecting your copyright.
  • Setting prices that meet your economic goals.
  • Developing book titles, context-sensitive descriptions, key words, and categorizations to maximize searchability and sales.
  • Cover designs and preparing production files for cover printing.
  • Uploading, correcting, and proofing print files.
  • Producing audio book versions, including securing voice-over talent.
  • Developing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to break into this new and growing opportunity.

Great books start with great plans. Tell us about yours.

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