Publishing Services

Touchwood works with a select group of authors and artists to help publish original creative output in any medium you need. We will work with you right through the publishing process, providing any combination of advice, strategy, training, editing, production, product launches, and marketing. We can supplement your in-house capabilities or be your end-to-end publisher, depending on your needs. 

Touchwood Press is our publishing imprint. We can publish your works as e-books, paperbacks or with hard covers in any size. Need an audiobook version? We have resident voiceover talent and can develop production versions for any platform. For some authors—and especially for businesses and nonprofits—we can help you create new products to enhance your brand and retain control over your intellectual property.

For independent authors, Touchwood Press can provide the publishing services you need and then launch and market your books under your name or ours. Let us know how we can best help you. Send an email to