MountainVision: Lessons Beyond the Summit

mv_cover_1748x2220March 1, 2016 — Touchwood Press is pleased to announce the publication of its latest title, MountainVision: Lessons Beyond the Summit, 2nd Edition, by Jeff Evans. This updated and expanded edition of MountainVision has been published through an agreement between Touchwood Press and Mountain Vision, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado.

MountainVision is both a memoir and adventure tale compilation derived from Jeff Evans’ 25+ year career as a mountain guide, wilderness adventurer, and more recently, motivational speaker to leaders around the world.

Featuring prominently in MountainVision is the story of the amazing partnership between Jeff Evans and Erik Weihenmayer, the only blind man to summit Mount Everest, as they developed trust and confidence in each other and scaled the highest mountains on six continents.

Photo by Didrik Johnck.
Photo by Didrik Johnck.

Join Jeff Evans as he describes how to conquer the fears and perils that life’s challenges bring. In this updated and expanded edition of MountainVision, his suspenseful and inspiring memoir teaches critical lessons in leadership and life from beyond the summit, whatever your summit may be.

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234 pages, 24 black & white photos

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