I’m a little confused about how to get started with CreateSpace.

One of my students created a CreateSpace account and was called by someone from Amazon within minutes and asked for the title of his book. The student wasn’t ready to do anything more at that moment and became worried he had done something wrong, or that it would have been a mistake to mention his book title. If Amazon “had” the title, would they do something with it?

I’m pretty sure the CreateSpace person was just trying to be helpful, but I understand why getting a call when you’re already not quite sure what you’re doing would put you off. I haven’t talked with CreateSpace about this, but feel they probably see many people create accounts, only never to be heard from again. It probably works in some cases to call the future author and encourage them to take a next step or two. In any case, I don’t think Amazon will do anything you wouldn’t want them to do with your title or book description. Now, finish that book! 😉

Author: Mike McCandless

WordPress user since 2005. Building several blogs and e-commerce sites to pursue personal ideas.

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