Do-it-yourself…or get a little help.

10806469_757386687675663_6557916642513224932_nPublishing it yourself is just like do-it-yourself before computers. Back then, I spent many off-work hours doing it myself…to our household plumbing, our garage and basement, and to the backyard. I gave this up when I got hooked on computers because I discovered I was less likely to damage myself and others and because all those trips to the hardware store – to pick up what we forgot the last time or replace what we’d broken – got expensive.

Now, you can do your own book yourself, get your creative out, and dream of fame and fortune on the best seller list…or not. But the first step is getting inspired. Read on.

Author: Mike McCandless

WordPress user since 2005. Building several blogs and e-commerce sites to pursue personal ideas.

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